IT Leadership 1:1 Coaching

Our IT Leadership 1-to-1 Coaching programme is for current Execs and high potential future leaders.

This programme is entirely bespoke and is adapted to the individual.

Team Development Programmes:

Leadership Team Coaching

Our Team Leadership Development programmes typically run between 6 and 12 months and consist of the following elements:

  • Fact-finding and 360 reviews

  • Workshop 1: Bespoke sessions around current business / organisation issues

  • Workshop 2: Advanced coaching and mentoring skills for leaders to improve their teams

  • Workshop 3: Advancing leadership skills around influencing and persuasive communication and building an executive presence

  • 1-to-1 Coaching takes place throughout to further improve performance and team contribution

Coaching Your Tech Team for Managers

The Coaching Your Tech Team is for Senior and Junior Managers, typically runs for 6 months. This programme includes a 2-day workshop. It is designed specifically to give managers that have responsibility for others, the tools and coaching frameworks that they need.

This programme will enable them to flex their leadership style to deliver ‘on the job’ and ‘in the moment’ coaching within their management area, to be able to conduct 1-to-1 coaching sessions for further developing direct reports and to increase employee engagement and lower attrition.

All of our coaching programmes are flexible as no two people or businesses are the same, however the above provides an understanding of what is typically involved.


We don't just provide Leadership Development programmes, we provide consultancy services to businesses who aren't yet large enough to employ a Strategic IT Leader, require additional oversight, or to provide support and guidance as part of a development program to an existing member of staff heading up IT.